SoluSoft Nigeria Limited is an indigenous original Equipment Manufacturer of all Solar systems, such as Solar Panels, inverters, batteries, Streetlights, and Solar pumps. We are a designer, wholesaler, and installer of Conventional and LED Solar Street-lighting systems. Our goal is to light up our streets, roads, homes, schools including, Solar Home Systems for residential and Minigrids for commercial buildings and communities throughout Nigeria. As a dedicated supplier of our products across the nation, we have a devoted team of engineers that we can deploy to carry out projects anywhere in Nigeria.


SoluSoft Limited as a trademark was founded in 2018. The business was incorporated as SoluSoft Nigeria Limited, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in March 2010. Our goal at SoluSoft is to provide a wide range of quality Street-lighting and Solar systems that can withstand all climate conditions and, most importantly, provide alternative energy for Nigerians. Presently, we are focused on providing our clients with all Solar products (LED Solar street lights, PV panels, inverters, batteries, and solar consumer items). We strive to break into the top ranks of global solar industries and aim to achieve the goal soon in Nigeria. We look forward to your visit for further business cooperation.


Our philosophy at SoluSoft Limited is founded upon a clear indulgence in our client’s requirement from the start of any transaction and to keep up such updates through several meetings and consultations, including after-sales services. We believe that customers deserve more than their expectations, so we endeavor to provide the best Street-lighting and Solar systems solutions.